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Right now, many of us are not focused on our senses when we are shopping, cooking or eating. We mindlessly sit on zoom calls, munching away at whatever snacks are around us. Mindful Eating needs to be more of a focus, to break the cycle and get back into a healthier lifestyle.

Ripple Changemaker and Founder of Kinetic Fuel, Julie Nicoletti develops nutritional programming focusing on the benefits of mindful eating. She teaches how slowing down to eat can change your relationship with food, helping you notice when you turn to food for reasons other than being hungry. When people are mindful about their food choices, they tend to pick healthier options by focusing on how food makes them feel after the meal. Slowing down the intake also helps make you feel fuller sooner and therefore less likely to overeat.

Julie suggests the following for mindful eating tips & tricks:

  • Try to sit for meals, rather than standing,

  • Take a deep breath before eating, this pause helps your “rest and digest” nervous system get ready to do its thing,

  • Incorporate as many senses as possible: smell, sight, taste, touch,

  • Slow down your eating so your mind and body can communicate what is needed to feel full,

  • Understand your motivations of why you are eating (hungry or bored), and

  • Limit multitasking while eating (phone/TV and other multitasking).

Mindfulness is being present in the moment, and Mindful Eating is being present with your food even when the world is spinning out of control around you. Even making a few of these small changes will help you better listen to your own body and eating will become less about filling time and space and more about providing the body with the energy it needs to thrive.

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