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As offices return to work, managers are going to have to deal with employees who are looking for answers as to how the corporate culture has changed because of the pandemic.

Dr. Kathy Cohen’s The New Normal: Manager Managing a Post-Vaccine Office will support those managers in three key areas.

Human and Social Dynamics address the new office culture, leveraging flexibility and blending that with user experience and team connection. Adapting to new spaces, new hours, and new groups of co-workers will be a challenge that managers can get help with from this workshop.

Helping managers deal with Transition, keeping communication transparent and creating a culture of discovery so employees and managers can learn what works and what doesn't for their work environment together while also developing resiliency, knowing that it does not have to be a perfect solution to be a right solution.

All of these things are difficult, but the pandemic has made it all even more so, but Dr. Cohen and the Ripple team is here to be the compass that leads management along the path, so that they can in turn lead their workforce to the next phase of the company life cycle.

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