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As we enter into this Thanksgiving week, it is a great time to step back and be present within the moment. Make a focused effort to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, notice what is going on around you and how that makes you feel inside. Observe the world without any kind of predisposed opinion or judgement. Try to make Mindfulness the theme of this holiday season, as difficult as it can be at times.

Ripple Changemaker and Logic Mind & Health founder Brandon Hall, has been asked to lead a group of mindfulness novices through a meditation focused on gratitude, affirmation and visualization, and according to him the science behind meditation is remarkable.

“It has been shown to physically change the structures in the brain associated with the stress response (the amygdala) and emotional control or executive function (the cortex) AND strengthen the connection between the two. It has also been shown to increase focus and concentration, which leads to greater productivity in the workplace”.

Brandon’s practical and logical approach towards meditation and other stress reducing practices helps demystify mindfulness and bring it into the workplace.

So often life finds a way to cloud our minds, distracting us with so much noise that it is impossible to focus on the things going on within our minds. By allowing all that noise to fade away, we can concentrate on our thoughts and feelings and how they impact the people around us. Mindfulness can help shape a wellness journey down a very rewarding path for everyone.

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