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Consistency is key on any wellness journey and the ability to avoid the roller coaster that comes with an all or nothing approach is something that Ripple Changemakers strive to teach every employee and business that is involved with the programs.

The middle ground is often the best place to be, as it allows for more consistency with developing those healthy habits. Going from no dietary plan to a regimented structure is not easy, but by taking small steps to better nutrition it becomes more of a routine. In the long run, it is better to eat consistently for 7 days a week than it is to eat “perfect” for 5 days and like garbage for 2 days.

“Better with Each Bite”, a workshop from Ripple Changemaker, Julie Nicoletti helps employees learn to be mindful of how they are fueling their body, without overthinking it. This realistic approach to nutrition is accessible for anyone looking to support work productivity and will help every step of the way, especially at the start. That is the most difficult part, because once things get going down the road, it gets easier and easier.

Building a better wellness plan does not happen overnight and by getting over the idea that it has to happen like a snap of the fingers one of the biggest hurdles.

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