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It seems that the biggest obstacles that mid-size and small companies face when it comes to management training is resources. According to an article titled Leadership Training Can Pay Huge Dividends for Midsize Companies, written by Milton Corsey, that was featured in the Harvard Business Review, lack of time and a lack of funding are major factors in why these companies do not invest in building leaders. Mindset is also another issue, with some companies not seeing the need for leadership programs.

“While leaders rate themselves high in their ability to identify and assess their best performers, they give themselves poor marks in four critical areas that leadership development programs address: succession planning, developing high potentials, identifying retention risks, and mapping and filling skills gaps.”

Without these skills, the trickle down effect can be felt throughout a company and its employees. If the head of the table is not focused on the things that will make a business better, the employees under that leadership are going to struggle to succeed at a higher level.

Ripple Changemakers have the programs necessary to help mid-size and small businesses without causing a major disruption in the day to day operation. Everyone has a lot on their plate, so Ripple can tailor programs to fit the availability and needs of those involved. By being flexible and adaptable to a company's needs on a business to business basis, Chagemakers can be the support system companies need to advance their managers forward, which in turn will bring the rest of the workforce down the road to better successes.

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