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One of our family's favorite words as of late is the word silly. "You are sooooo silly" we utter as my son presses the zoo animal noise book throughout the entirety of breakfast.

Speaking of that word, how silly would it be if we shifted our mindset from healthcare costs to healthcare investments?

McKinsey recently came out with an article highlighting how the Covid-19 era presents an opportunity for us, as a global community, to focus on health as a way to inject trillions of dollars into the global economy.

"Better health promotes economic growth by expanding the labor force and by boosting productivity while also delivering immense social benefits."

A healthy population makes good business sense.

What if we addressed disease burden reduction through preventative measures and not after ill-health outcomes have occurred? Would we be in danger of being even more silly?

How about we go a step further, to the silliest idea of all, prioritizing health in the workplace to benefit a company's bottom line?

At Ripple, we can help you design a workplace wellness program that is good for your business, while doing something that is even more important, helping transform the health and wellness of your employees.

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