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If someone asked you how many times you transition from standing to sitting and vise versa throughout a day, would you be able to accurately answer the question? How about if they asked how often you change your posture? These may seem like simple, throw away questions, but by being more aware of yourself and the most basic behaviors throughout the day, you can develop a solid mindfulness practice that can help in very positive ways.

In order to gain the full benefit of mindfulness, it must be integrated into the daily life routine, as suggested by Headspace. Meditation is a helpful way to center yourself and help develop better mental health and a better overall well-being. Another effective way to maintain a feeling of calm and clarity throughout the day is by integrating a few mindful activities throughout your day, such as how you walk up the stairs or paying attention to your breathing patterns while in different situations.

Using everyday moments as opportunities to focus on your senses; how you feel, what you smell, what you see, it is possible to cultivate a mindfulness practice that allows you to slow things down and fully appreciate the world around you.

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