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One of the most highly sought after traits in the corporate world is the ability to come up with new and creative ideas. These ideas come about through Inspirations, which have the ability to transform the way we think about our capabilities.

For a lot of employees, feeling inspired at work is not something that comes about everyday. It is a day in and day out grind, with the clock getting to 5 o’clock being the only thing to look forward to. This does not mean that everyone should be looking for new jobs, but work can be better. Work can be a place where Inspiration is abound on a daily basis.

A targeted wellness program is one way for employers to ignite the feelings of Inspiration throughout their workforce. Successful programs encourage people to develop new skills to support their wellness journeys.

What happens when you start doing things you never thought possible? When employees start seeing co-workers achieve health goals? Brains will start to see the world in possibilities versus dead-ends and uninspiring day-to-days becomes opportunities to improve.

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