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Thinking about coaching from a wellness standpoint, most people will look directly toward the information and programs. Maybe it is the nutritional information, the new recipes and cooking techniques that are being “coached”. Or possibly the self-care exercises, yoga and meditation and reflective thinking, all the elements that are going to help build a better inner feeling toward themselves.

While those are things that they can be coached, there is one thing that most overlook, and that is learning how to be coached, which is a huge hurdle for a lot of people.

Stubbornness, lack of time, lack of desire, a fixed mindset, these are all factors that will hold someone back from changing for the better in any situation, but especially a wellness journey.

Ripple Changemakers want to start at the root of the process, helping people figure out how they learn best. Employees become more attuned with the process and less focused on the outcome if they are enjoying themselves, and by tuning into the correct learning style, the burden of the journey is replaced by the desire to continue down the path.

People will commit themselves to something they want to do much more than to something they feel they have to do. By making learning enjoyable, they want to continue down the road that is better wellness.

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