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This week, I am going to take a step back and talk about Ripple as a whole. How it all started, the main pillars that hold Ripple up, the Changemakers and their abilities, and how it all fits together to provide businesses with exactly what they need to assist their employees along the wellness road.

Ripple started out of a desire to make the life of an employee easier. My diverse background in the corporate world, which saw me converse with people in the banking and private lending world, as well as a big four consulting role, shaped my desire to provide something that I saw was lacking amongst the workforce. Help getting through the grind and not being completely destroyed at the end. Long hours, high stress situations, lack of time for exercise or proper nutrition, these are all symptoms of the cut-throat corporate world, and many businesses do not have the knowledge to help their employees.

By sitting with the human resource professionals, myself or one of the Ripple Changemakers can help identify what the needs of employees are and how to best shape a wellness program to reach the desired goals.

Many companies do not have a Corporate Wellness Officer on staff, but Ripple and our Changemakers can step in and provide exactly that, making employees better and the business healthier, in all definitions of the word.

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