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Health coaches empower their clients to move their wellness journeys in a positive direction by focusing on how to make things work for them, instead of wasting time and energy stressing out about what is wrong with their health.

There are some challenges that a health coach can face, including trying to make their mark within a world that might not be ready to accept them.

Becky Hammon has been battling against the belief that coaches need to come from the same mold, this one being men. For years she has been learning from one of the best coaches in the NBA, gaining experience and credibility in an environment that is not geared toward her success. She has achieved so much, including being the head coach for a regular season NBA game this past week, as she filled in for an ejected Gregg Popovich.

Ripple founder Hannah Burns is ready to take inspiration from Hammon by embarking on a journey of her own, this one leading down a path of becoming a Changemaker herself. By enrolling in a course from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, she will become one of the 121,000 health coaches in 2022, helping to empower clients to improve their health. There is not always a clear path forward, and it takes people like Becky Hammon and Hannah Burns to blaze the trail for those that will come after them.

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