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Communication can be a very powerful tool to use along a wellness journey. It is not always easy, with conversations that revolve around Unmentionables often being awkward and uncomfortable, but the health benefits that come from these conversations can be some of the most powerful and useful of all.

Ripple Changemaker and Logic Mind & Health Founder Brandon Hall’s stress management corporate wellness program addresses both personal and professional well-being. By educating employees on the negative emotions that might be the by-product of a “deep” conversation, those emotions can become useful in promoting more effective communication.

“Communication is a fundamental aspect to our being and one of the best ways to improve our health, but honestly, it is hard! Now I don’t just mean casually talking to someone, describing what you had for breakfast or what you do for work. I mean talking deeply to someone. Opening up. I mean the kind of communication you feel in your bones that involves powerful emotions, deep logic or energy. Because that is the kind of communication that moves people, unpacks buried feelings and facilitates inspiration. That is the kind of communication that has powerful health benefits. The importance of simply talking to someone, in person, face to face, open and honestly cannot be overstated.”

Less back pain, less depression, better heart health, better sleep, and greater emotional management are just some of the positive outcomes from deep and meaningful communication.

By becoming more mindful of the different aspects and emotions that exist in effective, deep communication, words are allowed to be a powerful assistance against the obstacles that you or your colleagues face along the way to better health and well-being.

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