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One of the biggest limiting factors in a wellness journey is a person’s own internal mindset. So often employees will impose limits on their own performance, that often makes achieving out of reach.

For example, someone who approaches the starting line of a 5k road race thinking about how they would be lucky to run it in less than 27 minutes will more often than not finish right around 27 minutes, or worse. By limiting their mindset, they are sabotaging any chance to go above and beyond what they think, because they are stuck down in the mire of mediocrity within their own brain space.

The same can be applied to other pillars of wellness. If someone thinks that they are going to stop for fast food on their way home because the thought of cooking is just too much to process, the chances are much greater that they will be rolling through the drive thru and not following their nutrition plan. A work project going to be difficult or taxing? It sure will be. How about a social gathering? It might be awkward and uncomfortable. 99.9% chance of that happening.

Ripple Changemakers have the knowledge and skills to teach employees how to break away from the limiting mindset, which will allow the individual to break through their own ceiling and achieve things that are well beyond anything they could ever imagine. The mind is an incredibly powerful thing, and by setting it free from the noise of individual limitations, the possibilities are quite literally endless.

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