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The holiday season is in full swing, and people are starting to disconnect from work, allowing their focus to be more on family and fun. This year, try to spend some of that time and attention on yourself and your physical well-being as well.

Give yourself the gift of advancing your wellness journey during this well-deserved break from the day to day grind. All year there are excuses for avoiding physical wellness because of work obligations, so take this time away to nourish your body in positive ways.

Enjoy the holiday treats with a renewed focus on how they taste and how they make you feel, try a new workout routine or get back into something you have not done in years. Throw the football with some family, kick the soccer ball around, have a catch, play some tennis, go ice skating on the local pond. Find something that gets you moving and brings you joy to do.

When all that moving and shaking and headline making is over, take the time to properly rest. Go to bed a little earlier and get a solid night’s sleep, give yourself a solid, uninterrupted hour to meditate and truly clear your mind and reset the system, sit down and finish that book that has been on your bedside table for 8 months, or lose yourself in one of your hobbies that you have not had the time for.

At Ripple, we hope that you and your family have a holiday filled with joy and happiness and that you find pleasure through activities that advance your wellness journey down a positive path.

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