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Perspective is an amazing tool to have in an employee’s wellness toolbox, but it is not always the easiest to obtain, nor is it easy to keep.

Changemakers have an ability to help keep employees who are participating in the programs grounded by establishing the individual connections and being able to relate to them as individuals, and not just a mass of people under one logo umbrella. By taking the time and putting in the effort to understand the individual situations and needs of every employee, Changemakers are able to help keep all employees pointed in the right direction and keep them focused on their journey, so they do not get distracted by what others are doing that they are not.

Someone who is married with 3 kids and in the middle of a complete home renovation could easily start feeling bad about themselves because their meals do not look as good as their co-workers that they see posted on social media, but they may also not realize that the coworker is single, living by themselves with nothing but time to cultivate the recipes and get the perfect picture. Same for the project manager who cannot run 6 miles a night because they have a bad back and a busy work schedule. The other employee that runs to and from the office everyday just so happens to be a collegiate distance runner who has never had an injury in their life.

By having a good perspective on their situation, employees can thrive within a wellness journey by being able to operate within their limits and their abilities, not worrying so much about what the others around them are doing. Ripple wants employees to be better for themselves, not for the others who are around them.

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