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TIME, it is the one thing that you can never have enough of, especially around the holidays. More and more it seems like time is flashing by at a rapid rate and people are struggling to fit everything into their days. The one thing that is constantly suffering for most people is their physical fitness. So often, physical fitness is put on the back burner for other “more important” things on the schedule, but fitness needs to be a focus, even if it is just for a few fleeting moments a day.

There are so many resources out there for people to help them along a positive physical fitness journey. From apps on their phones to various social media personalities that offer tips and workouts, if you have a free 30-45 minutes, these resources can be so valuable to keeping you in good physical shape.

Do not have that long? How about a quick HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) workout? It is a great way to get moving and shaking, without the longer break in the day necessary.

Still cannot find the time for a HIIT? You can get up and walk around while you are on the phone. Walk up and down your stairs while waiting for dinner to finish cooking. Dance like nobody's watching while on that conference call, just make sure your camera is off...

If you cannot find any time for your own fitness during the day, still be kind to yourself and stay hydrated, those trips to the bathroom will get you some steps back and forth.

Life has a great ability to get in the way of any wellness journey, and that is okay. Do not get discouraged or depressed about it, that’s life sometimes, but get up the next day determined to carve out some time to move, it will be worth it if you can.

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