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Cooking used to be more of a passion at Ripple HQ. It was not deadline driven, more something that could consume the better part of an evening. Taking the time to chop the vegetables exactly right and even, sampling the flavors and analyzing what ingredient would go in next to make the recipe bold and memorable, all of that has seemed to evaporate with the introduction of two young children to the household. Add to that the current pandemic situation, where we are in our home for the entire day (a luxury not lost in all this), and cooking has become a very utilitarian task, much less mindful than yesteryear. In fact, admittedly, cooking has often been pushed off to the Mr. side of Ripple these days.

Ripple was started because I wanted to create something on my own. To bring together experts in the fields of wellness, to dream up never before thought of programs that would deliver support to employees in ways they never tasted before. I wanted to be the executive chef of a wellness restaurant, astonishing and amazing businesses with my hand crafted and pain painstakingly created recipes. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to do just that and to be surrounded by Changemakers, whose passion to empower a workforce to reach their wellness goals is just as strong as mine.

I may have lost some of my desire to be a top class chef, some of my drive to plate dishes in the most elegant of ways, and some of my needs to have dinner look like it fell off the pages of a magazine, but I have not lost my need to be creative. I have just adjusted my efforts more toward Ripple and our clients. I still have a fire burning within me to bring good into people's lives and impact them in as positive a way as I can, but now it is Ripple clients and the programs offered and not that braised pork with the onions and leeks...sorry Mr. Ripple, we can always order out...

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