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Initiating small and thoughtful changes in order to move forward along the wellness path is the core philosophy at Ripple. Helping employers create an environment that allows for healthier employee lives is the main goal of that philosophy.

A recently published Harvard Business Review article, The Case for Fiction, highlights how the simple act of reading books from the fiction genre improves emotional intelligence and develops the types of qualities in the reader that business organizations swoon over. Historically, the message has been that reading non-fiction is the path to good brain health, but for those who are loathsome of non-fiction, this study is a reason to rejoice.

The main emphasis of the article is that by reading fiction, cognitive muscles are flexed by working out complicated situations that are not clearly good or evil, which is very similar to a business setting. Not everything in business is black and white and by having a better “cognitive agility”, employees are able to navigate uncertainty better, which in the Covid-19 era, is as critical a skill as can be had.

Small and thoughtful changes to a better path....why not pick up a work of fiction in place of that non-fiction book, it could very much shape the journey forward in a more positive and impactful way.

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