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Dr. Kathy Cohen recently brought her You Can Do Anything, Except Everything workshop to BerryDunn and it was very helpful to the employees who took part. This is known because of the feedback that was received from those very same employees.

Ripple believes that the best way to tailor programs is to make sure the voices of the people taking part are heard. There might be topics that need to be expanded upon or suggestions on how to better deliver the messages to the group. All this can be shared within the feedback survey so that Changemakers know what is working and what might need to be adjusted within a program or workshop.

Dr. Cohen carries this one step further by creating a pre coaching survey, which then allows her to compare that to a post coaching survey to determine the effectiveness and overall satisfaction with the process.

By always gaining feedback, Dr. Cohen and the other Ripple Changemakers are making sure that their programs relate to employees and businesses as a whole in the ways that they need, no matter how much it diverts from the original path. It might not always be the way it was mapped out in the beginning, but Ripple will make sure the destination is reached by all who are along on the journey.

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