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At Ripple, assisting fathers (and mothers) with the challenges that come with working and raising a family are a main focus of some of our wellness programs.

A recent index ranked the U.S.businesses second to last in terms of being supportive of raising a family. The often “invisible” work of caring for kids and households has become more visible than ever, including in our own homes.

Fathers, on average, only do about half of the unpaid work that mothers do, but Pre-Covid 19, studies show that that fathers want to step up their familial contributions.

Organizations can help by rethinking assumptions about fathering, by championing flexible work arrangements and time off, by role-modeling and by supporting access to childcare for their workers.

Management Training is important and can be focused on upskilling managers on how to be an ally when it comes to supporting working parents. Life coaching programming related to Philosophical Thinking and Relationship Building are also critical for Dads. These programs can help determine what aspects of fathering are most important to working fathers and help shape what working dad’s relationships with their families will look like.

Through customized wellness programs, organizations can help their employees mitigate the imbalances of parenting, bring the invisible tasks out of the shadows, and champion the needs of families.

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