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Kelly Greenwood wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review titled How to Talk About Your Mental Health with Your Employer and in it she shares the shocking statistic that up to 80% of people will experience a diagnosable mental health condition over the course of their lifetime.

The truly alarming follow up to that bombshell is that almost 60% of employees have never spoken to anyone at work about their mental health status. It is often believed that an employee should “tough it out” or “leave it at the door” when it comes to their job, and that mindset needs to change quickly, because the stresses of the worklife, coupled with what is going on in the world outside of work is quickly becoming an endless loop of stress and anxiety that cannot be “battled through.”

Ripple Changemakers have developed programs for managers that will help them determine the difference between an employee needing help from company resources and needing to see a professional in order to get through their struggles. Oftentimes employees are reluctant to start the conversation about mental health, reference the 60% number from above. By giving managers the tools to be the jumping off point for their workers when it comes to an open dialogue, Changemakers can bring a whole new perspective into view for everyone in the company.

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