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  • Hannah Burns



“Downtime” sounds so negative.

Spending time with family, exercising, outdoor adventures, hobbies...these are all examples of “downtime” that can have a very positive impact on a wellness journey or even just the day to day attitude of someone who is starting to feel overwhelmed and burnt out.

The beauty of these moments is that it is time spent taking care of oneself. The main goal is to enrich the life and experience of the person taking part. There are no deadlines or company mandates for these things, it is just time spent within the person and their circle of trust. Reconnecting via facetime, going for a jog or dropping some air squats, a hike on some trails or around the local lake, cooking a new recipe or crafting a one of a kind creation, these are things that can enhance the life experience and have endless rewards within self-care.

Ripple Changemakers can help everyone realize just how productive “downtime” can be, so that it is not thought of as a waste of anything, but one of the healthiest and most important parts of the daily routine.

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