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For most people, the thought that if they are feeling down or lethargic, doing something physical is a quick and easy way to improve their mood and mindset.

On the flip side of things, does the mind impact physical health? By adopting a mindset that some stress in life is beneficial, this can lead to optimal physiological stress responses, for instance more moderate levels of cortisol. Per Alia Crum, PhD, is an assistant professor at Stanford University, principle investigator of its Mind & Body Lab “It’s how a person thinks about stress that can determine its effects”.

Furthermore, research supports those with positive affect have greater ability to cope with stress, immunity and better health practices.

The good news is that Ripple Changemakers are here to teach employees and businesses about mindfulness and the benefits of altering one’s perspective on stress. “Cogito, ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am) It is time to start thinking positive, as it can have a measurable impact on health.

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