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Some difficult conversations could be on the horizon involving employees and their managers when offices open back up. The home lives of many employees have been altered so dramatically by the pandemic that having to report to the office on a daily basis will cause many adjustments to the new normal, and those adjustments need to be discussed.

Situations around child care and hybrid schooling, as well as the safety of co-workers who may or may not be vaccinated are not going to be the easiest topics to discuss, but are essential in order to have a functional workplace and a enjoyable work/life balance.

Changemakers are here to help both the employees and the managers learn effective ways to communicate about any and all subjects, no matter how stressful or uncomfortable it may be. By being able to know what their personal needs are and how to ask for them, employees will find that their lives are much easier with an open line of communication with their managers and their co-workers. Not having to guess what someone needs is quite an advantage for all involved.

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