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  • Hannah Burns



Oftentimes it is much easier to put a goal on the back-burner if the road to achievement is either harder than anticipated or unclear on how to reach the end. Employees often get discouraged or disenchanted along the way and no matter how many cheerleaders they may have.

Wellbeing can be treated just like any sport or hobby. It is much easier to learn from an expert, who has the knowledge and experience to teach proper technique and knows how to get the results people are looking for. Ripple Changemakers will provide the coaching and guidance needed to stay on track.

In a Harvard Business Review article titled Start Tackling That Big Goal You’ve Been Putting Off, author Dorie Clark suggests hiring a coach to help structure learning, create momentum and hold employees accountable. Using an example of a CEO who wanted to make more time for literature, Clark mentions that the CEO hired a literature coach who he would meet with once a week to discuss a short story they both committed to reading. By having this coach be a part of the CEO’s life, he was able to “cultivate my curiosity” and prioritize the goals that matter most.

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