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Being competitive is a trait that some people possess and it can be one of the most essential tools used to achieve greater things in life, both personally and professionally. The competitive spirit can drive someone further than their mind would ever let them think they could go and allow them to reach heights beyond anything they have done before.

It can also hold people back because it can go from a competition to a comparison very quickly, which can lead to a fair amount of self doubt and self criticism, two major roadblocks along a wellness journey.

Within the design of the programs at Ripple is the focus on the individual, which allows employees to experience their own wellness path, without having pressure to “beat” the other participants. Changemakers may encourage some healthy competition, but will always manage it properly, so that competition does not turn into comparison. Just because people work within the same company, that does not mean they are alike in life situations. Ripple Changemakers will always have that in mind and will always be there to keep everyone moving in the same direction, making sure they are not running into each other.

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