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  • Hannah Burns



Did you know that it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 to form a new habit? In other words, change, in any form, is not an easy thing to accomplish, and this is even more so in the corporate world. Skill building, relationship management and career change can require an even greater commitment.

Change is possible, and a compassionate coach, like the Changemakers here at Ripple, can help accelerate or solidify that change. Coaches can help identify a personal balance sheet. What are your existing passions? What values and strengths do you possess that can help with the change? What weaknesses might hold you back? It is not always easy to get out of your own way when trying to make a change, and a coach can help both inspire and hold you accountable, to not only help you reach your destination, but also motivate you to help others along their paths.

A coach will not force you down a path, but rather they will encourage your journey with open ended questions. What excites you about the future? What does success look like to you? What do you really want to do? By showing compassion for you and your desires, a coach can encourage you to show compassion for yourself, something that does not always happen easily.

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