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A very unique Ripple pillar is the approach to coaching. There is a simple philosophy when it comes to coaching within a Ripple program, and that is that no two people are the same. Something that motivates one person could shut down someone else.

Changemakers focus on the individual, be it in one on one or small groups, the approach that every employee has a different set of needs in order to succeed. Most need some life coaching, which has been shown to increase motivation, job satisfaction and overall productivity. So many employees have found themselves stuck in a rut, just getting through the day as best they can. Ripple Changemakers will help them break free of the monotony and show them a better way.

Telling someone to do something has a very low rate of success, but by making the connection on a personal level, Ripple Changemakers can use all the tools in their arsenal to coach employees along to a better tomorrow.

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