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What makes employees happy about themselves? This is a question that enters into the thought process of every single Ripple Changemaker when they are designing wellness programs for businesses. Change can be hard, even small ones, and the more positive an employee is, the better chance they have at achieving their goals.

There are tools that can help employees learn about themselves, like an assessment available from the VIA Institute on Character Strengths. Using 24 common character strengths that the VIA Institute has found that make up an individual’s personal profiles, an employee can understand which of the six virtue categories they slot into.

After taking the assessment, I found out my number one character trait is Hope. Involving optimistic thinking and focusing on good things to come, this action-oriented strength implores a confidence that goals can be reached and that many effective pathways can be devised in order to get to that desired future.

Having a defined character strength has helped me understand why I do the things I do, why I focus on achievement, physical well-being, positive social relationships and my capacity to cope. Yes I have character weaknesses, but I choose to live my life through my strengths. At Ripple, we want to empower employees to initiate change from a place of strength, so that they are better equipped for the journey ahead, both smooth and bumpy.

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