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  • Hannah Burns



At Ripple, our business model allows us the flexibility to design a wellness program that promotes health and encourages organizational change by utilizing a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of skill. We believe in the power of bringing Changemakers together.

The entrepreneurs on this team come from such a diverse set of backgrounds. Some work with professional athletes, others have PHDs, more than a few are authors or gym owners, and some check more than one of these boxes, plus many others. The very definition of expert level!

They are passionate in their different verticals of wellness, but at the same time are excited to collaborate together to help design customized wellness solutions. They recognize that addressing the whole employee requires a holistic approach and they are inspired by each other and the opportunity to help businesses move in directions that will benefit all involved. Stay tuned for upcoming posts, which will be a showcase of these partners and what they will bring to this journey.

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