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“The stress in here is palpable, I am here to help, just take a breath.” Those were the first words that were heard from one of Ripple’s trusted partners, mentors, and Changemakers Julie Nicoletti. A certified sports nutritionist, pharmacist, and the founder of Kinetic Fuel, Julie has been the team nutritionist for the Boston Bruins since 2015. Without her guidance, advice, and mentorship, Ripple would not exist today.

Julie exemplifies the meaning of health and wellness, and not just with her intelligence and instructional ability either. She recently finished an Ironman triathlon in the top 25 of her age group, which is an amazing accomplishment for anyone to have on their resume. She exudes a gentle confidence that is authentic and her approach to nutrition, addressing it one bite at a time, makes what may seem to be an insurmountable task a realistic and achievable goal. Her own words below will highlight just how special she is and how her approach will be able to further the wellness for anyone she is involved with.

“After working for almost 20 years as a pharmacist, I realized that there was so much more to helping people achieve health than dispensing medication. Hippocrates said, ‘Leave the drugs in thy chemist's pot if you can heal thy patient with food.’ In 2008, I founded Kinetic Fuel to provide nutrition education and counseling to athletes and adults. My philosophy centers around eating clean real food in as close to its natural state as possible as often as possible. Kinetic Fuel has offered nutrition focused customized wellness initiatives since 2009 and I have been the NHL Boston Bruins Team Nutritionist since 2015. Whether working with professional athletes or adults, everyone eats every single day, so every bite is an opportunity to get better: better physical energy and mental clarity, better response to stress, better lipid and blood profiles and better hormone balance. I practice what I preach and love what I do. It will be wonderful to share nutrition education and my experience working with clients in many different industries with you.”

As a Trusted Partner at Ripple, Julie will provide her services within the corporate setting and collaborate alongside other wellness professionals in the fields of exercise and life coaching to help everyone involved reach whatever heights they choose to conquer.

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