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Spaciousness. That was a word that was on Dr. Kathy Cohen’s mind while she was running a private practice in Newton Center and managing her three small children at home. She had already completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a post-doctoral internship at Harvard Medical School and was thinking about what she valued the most. This thinking led her to a Board Presidency within an organization that was in need of “listening leadership”. Filling this need would allow movement past surface issues and bring the heart of issues into focus.

By having the introspection to grow herself, Kathy is exactly the kind of Changemaker that Ripple looks to as a Trusted Partner. It is not just about helping clients along the wellness journey, but being able to adjust and alter their own path that makes for an effective advisor.

Over the last two decades, she has learned that goal-oriented, driven individuals often need that sense of spaciousness, room to think without day to day distractions getting in the way. This enables Kathy to help her clients identify what matters most, which then makes it possible to determine action steps to make their goals a reality.

When one of her clients, a successful leader at a large company, was struggling with balancing her professional aspirations and personal goals, Kathy was able to broaden her definition of success from the rigid definition that was related to a specific promotion and allow the client to create more space and help achieve her goals in both a personal and professional setting.

“This is why I love partnering with clients in the corporate wellness space, and why I’m so happy to be partnering with Ripple. My training as a clinical psychologist, combined with my work as a certified coach, affords me the skill set to lead clients through an effective and impact-focused process. Together, we navigate the obstacles and the options, creating space and opportunities for what each client values most.”

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