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So many wellness resources fail to address the primary source of stress, which is mindset, in a way that creates lasting change. Brandon Hall, creator of Logic Mind & Health is different. An author, blogger, podcaster, entrepreneur, and a certified cardiac-device specialist, his wellness platform teaches people how to change their relationship with stress. Brandon was buried by a life filled with stress. Pressures from running equipment in an operating room, having to fulfill ever increasing sales goals, being able to support a family of five, Brandon suffered, along with many people in the workplace, from total burnout. Finding a uniqueness by a contrast of combined elements - philosophy and science, ancient and modern, practical and inspirational, mind and body, Brandon has become a true Changemaker along the path to wellness.

After talking to a diverse group of physicians about chronic stress, the true nature of lifestyle-related illness, and health-improvement practices beyond diet and exercise, Brandon was introduced to philosophies in both Eastern and Western medicine, natural healing remedies, and fascinating ways of thinking and problem solving. He started researching and documenting the most effective ways to manage stress, change thinking, and improve overall health. The changes were so profound, it became his mission to serve those in the workplace who are struggling like he was.

As a Trusted Partner at Ripple, the Logic Mind & Health platform is all about growth, moving forward, and getting healthier everyday. By focusing on the greater meaning and purpose of life, which is what ultimately drives us, Logic Mind & Health teaches how to bring passion to life and live with a greater purpose.

“I see so many people today in the workplace stressed to the gills. I know that feeling all too well. I believe it’s a calling to share what I have learned, what has worked for myself and so many others. That’s why I created Logic Mind & Health. That’s why I wrote the book, started a blog and a podcast. That’s why I get out of bed every morning with passion and excitement. In addition to serving my family, serving those with health challenges has been my life’s work. Today, there’s no greater challenge than better stress management and improving mental well-being.”

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