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One thing that is very difficult for a lot of people to do is Celebrate themselves. It is so easy to focus on the negative parts of life, so simple to live in hindsight or always wonder what if. By not letting the positive elements of life enter into the equation, the path to better wellness is blocked by an incredibly large obstacle. Ripple Changemakers will bring the tools necessary to clear that path and get people moving down the road to a brighter future.

Ripple programs are designed to create lasting behavioral changes, empowering employees to be able to make the positive parts of life a permanent part of their thinking. Changemakers can help educate businesses and employees to not fear failure, but to celebrate it as a way to learn and grow. To appreciate the effort that it took to try something that might not have had a guaranteed positive result.

Changemakers also will teach employees how to celebrate their accomplishments and victories, without having feelings of guilt or arrogance hanging over those feelings. When people succeed, they should be able to feel good about that success and when others around them succeed, they should feel good for those people.

Healthy progress is not linear, there are setbacks and lateral moves, but all worth celebrating. Ripple Changemakers want people to be curious about their health, to be able to focus on what works, but also take note of what does not work and why it might not have. That is how a healthy lifestyle and positive wellness journey is developed, and that is something that Ripple wants to stand up and shout about...a little bit louder now, a little bit Louder now...

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