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  • Hannah Burns



A common misconception is that Ripple Changemakers’ main goal is to make employees change, but the name is misleading. The top task of all Changemakers is to develop a rapport with every employee in the program. By understanding the feelings and goals of each individual, the Changemaker can better tailor the approach to that of the individual, helping to eliminate some of the stress that comes along with beginning a wellness journey.

Building rapport is critical to the success of any coaching relationship. It is very hard to trust someone to be their authentic self in a situation as difficult as making life changes, but it is made easier by building strong connections.

It is not always about changing people’s health, it is about allowing people to succeed in a way that will make them better. Changemakers do not make the assumption that everyone is looking for the same goal along their wellness journey. Some people want to get physically fit, able to run long distance races with ease. Others want to learn to cook healthier so they can escape the takeout cycle. Some others may just want to be able to quiet their mind in times of stress so that they are happier in any given situation. Building a rapport, understanding what dives people forward allows the Ripple Changemakers to effectively light the pathway ahead, no matter the final destination.

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