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The path to Wellness with a company starts with the management team taking a look within themselves, understanding their own personal values and being purposeful in the way they live. By doing this, they can cultivate inspiration for employees throughout the company.

The one thing that I think we all know, and that the research is clear about, is that the biggest impact to your individual health and well-being is the relationship you have with your supervisor” per Ryan Picarealla WELCOA President and CEO.

It is not all up to the management team however. Any employee can take it upon themselves to understand what gives them purpose, with studies showing that if an employee feels stuck in their current role, making a move could be the answer. By setting themselves up in an environment to be inspired, to learn new things, and to open up new capabilities and opportunities, the employee can take an active role in their own wellness journey.

The first step in creating a successful workplace wellness program is gaining a firm understanding of one’s own inspirations. Start at the beginning, a very good place to start.

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