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Workplace Flexibility, Upgraded Technology, Educational Opportunities, Diversity Initiatives, and Less Focus on Output. According to a Citrix survey of 2,500 employees used by Employee Benefits News, these are the top five benefits that are most desired this year.

Businesses that can adapt and provide these benefits will be able to invest smartly in their biggest asset, their people.

As much as focusing on these benefits may seem like a burden to a business, by addressing those five wants/needs of the employees, companies can take a major step forward in showing that they are committed to a happy and healthy work environment. All five benefits will have a positive impact on both the culture and performance of the business. Workplace flexibility allows for more freedom, which is incredibly valuable during the unprecedented pandemic that we are all living in right now. Upgraded Tech and Educational Opportunities support the day to day operation of the employees by allowing them access to new ways to communicate and work and the ability to learn all those upgrades to best use them. Diversity Initiatives will bring in the best people for the job and show that a company is serious about supporting all those who work for them. Finally, by shifting the focus from being solely on Output, a business shows trust in their employees to get the work done in a quality over quantity environment, which has been proven to be much more effective.

Ripple Changmakers will help a business strategize the wellness benefits it offers and making sure the journey of those working within the company has exactly what it needs to navigate them to the most positive result possible.

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