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How often are you awestruck? The feeling that you are part of something that transcends your understanding and gives you goosebumps? Sometimes it is a cinematic nature scene that you come upon that makes you wonder how anything could be so beautiful. Or maybe it is a piece of music that transports you to a place within your mind where you can just live. Celebrations, positive impacts, and many other life situations can leave a person to wonder if they really are lucky enough to experience the things around them.

Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner, two authors of a New York Times article, wrote that people who regularly engage in experiences that generate awe are less individualistic, are more filled with wonder and feel part of something larger than themselves. The positive impacts of feeling awestruck have been shown by researchers to be the quickest way for behaviors to change, yet those same researchers argue that the world is awe-deprived.

Ripple Changemakers are able to help employees realize their passions, which will allow them many more avenues to being awestruck. By being able to recognize what gives people joy and happiness, it allows for the opportunity to be involved in those activities and truly experience the awesomeness of their lives. Maybe it is in the wilderness, volunteering their time or just taking the time to observe all the good around them. By helping people tune into what makes their spirit shine, Changemakers have the key to unlock the gate for a positive life journey.

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