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Do you know what the minimum recommended amount of sleep is? It is probably more hours than you think, as the CDC has said that over one third of all adults get less than the suggested 7 hours of sleep per night.

By not getting enough sleep, people are taxing their bodies and minds in many different ways. Lack of sleep hurts the immune system, lessens the defense against chronic disease, and hinders cognitive functions, i.e. the ability to think and problem solve clearly.

The Ripple philosophy of making small adjustments can be very beneficial in the battle to get more sleep in what seems like less and less hours in the day. It is not easy to put aside tasks and perceived responsibilities to sleep more, but by trying one or two of the below suggestions, getting the most out of sleep becomes possible.

  • Increase natural light exposure during the day

  • Exercise regularly

  • Power down electronics

  • Keep a constant routine

  • Limited caffeine intake

  • Don’t eat or drink right before bed

  • Cool down the room

A good night’s sleep is crucial to any wellness journey, regardless of the path the journey follows.

What other tips and tricks help you feel more rested?

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