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At times, Trust is the most fragile and delicate thing in someone's life. It can take years to build up but only seconds to destroy. In some situations, trust is never truly present in the purest form, but exists in a sort of evolving state, ebbing and flowing with how happenings present themselves at a given time.

When building wellness programs, Ripple Changemakers know that for any progress to be made, an element of trust must be present between them and the employees that will be involved in the programs they are developing. It will not be a trust built with the help of years of familiarity, but rather a trust that comes from letting the participants of the journey know that Changemakers are there to help guide and direct them along the path to being better. The true commitment to the lives of the employees along for the ride is the first building block in what will be a solid foundation for change and for movement in a positive direction.

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