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  • Hannah Burns



Recently I listened to a panel discussion in which one of the speakers made a simple yet powerful point when it came to wellness, it is not all or nothing. Think about it, would it be more productive to workout for 5-10 minutes if that is all the time you had in that day, or skip the workout entirely because you could not do your normal 45 minute routine? Obviously the answer is to workout with the time you have. Not only is it better to move, even a little bit, but it might be a good idea to do a quick workout to change up your routine to keep it fresh.

At Ripple, we recently put together programming that addresses just that, with the focus being on introducing businesses to pillars of health that are achievable, but not overhauling of the wellness strategy. These small programs allow for consistency and are benefits that employees can use to support their healthy lifestyles, while avoiding the roller coaster of all-or-nothing programs. Please follow our blog this week to hear more about the specifics of these pilot programs.

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