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  • Hannah Burns



The work/life balance is something that many people struggle with and can be the main reason why many wellness programs do not have the results that the businesses intend. Employees get so committed and focused on their jobs that they get burnt out and start resenting anything to do with their job, including programs that are put in place to help.

The Ripple difference comes from the Changemakers and their approach to the wellness program. It is not a “what is good for the business” philosophy, though that does play a part in the way things are designed. Instead, Ripple programs are shaped by asking the employees to look inward at the start of the journey. By being an outsider in terms of the business, a Changemaker brings a fresh vision and voice to a wellness program.

Changemakers want employees to see their whole life along their path to wellness, not just their work environment. Outside passions and hobbies are wonderful things that help avoid the stress and burnout of the day to day work life. It is not just an employers fault for those negative factors, the employee bears some responsibility for allowing it to manifest and become all they do. Ripple wants employees to take control of all sides of their life, allowing them to perform their very best work for the business they are in, but when the day ends, they can accentuate the positives in their lives, helping to eliminate the negatives.

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