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"Embrace the uniqueness of each company."

-Hannah Burns, Founder

A person’s overall health is influenced by all their experiences both at work and at home. You cannot  separately measure a person’s ‘work health’ or ‘home health’. And for a lot of us, the majority of our awake hours are spent working (either physically at work or virtually). With that in mind, it seems only right that the workplace creates an environment that allows for its employees to thrive from a mental, physical and spiritual standpoint. In order for your employees to make healthier choices, it is critical that their work environment supports those choices.

Corporate wellness programs have been around for years and although they are well-intentioned, they rarely have a lasting impact on health for the employees. These programs focus on one-time events and lectures. This one-size fits all approach does not take into account the unique challenges each employee population faces.

At Ripple, we embrace the uniqueness of each company, and so we start our process by getting to know your company; who your employees are, how they work and where the health risk behaviors are. We are nimble enough that we can design a wellness program that addresses the needs of your specific employee population. We partner up with leading nutritionists, trainers, psychologists and other health experts to provide a comprehensive wellness program. The content of the program goes beyond education; it is focused on meeting the employees where they are in their health journeys, providing them the skills to continue to improve their health and working with the company to create a work environment that supports a culture of health. 


It is reasonable to assume that there is a business case for most corporate wellness programs and it is important for us to outline the return on investment. But beyond that, let us help you design an environment that makes it easier for your employees to succeed, especially now, in a time where there is so much disruption in the workforce. A curated wellness program demonstrates your dedication to do what is best for your employees.

Ripple is here to empower employees to make small changes that permeate across their entire health equation.


Hannah Burns

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