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"Health is not linear, it takes time and growth to be able to move onto the next level.   - Hannah Burns, Founder

I grew up in New England and I have been living in the Boston area since 2006. Prior to launching Ripple, I spent 15 years in commercial finance and financial consulting roles, where I learned to connect and communicate well with clients, including C-suite executives while dealing with extreme financial and timing pressures. My experiences have taught me to take direction well from the clients and translate that into tactical business deliverables. I’ve learned to deal not only with adversity, but also how to be comfortable making decisions with imperfect information. I received my undergraduate degree from Bryant University in 2006 and in 2012, I earned my MBA from Boston University.

Directly related to wellness, I have been an athlete my entire life and grew up thinking health only revolved around sport. I participated in soccer, basketball and track in high school. In college, I was the captain of the varsity soccer team at Bryant University and named Defensive Player of the Year for the Northeast-10 Conference in 2005/2006 season. I have participated in countless road races, spin classes and ski trips.


In 2009, my ‘all-exercise all the time’ brain was awakened, when I read a book focused primarily on the paleo diet. Since then, I’ve learned that beyond exercise, in order to thrive, I need healthy food integrated into my day-to-day lifestyle. This small adaptation was a pivotal turning point in my personal well-being journey. And yet, even with that adjustment, I was still experiencing stress and burnout from work. 

I wish I could say this next decision I made was deliberate, but not long after I pivoted my diet, I signed up for a hot yoga class, and I had no idea it would have such an impact on my well-being. The practice of yoga and meditation exposed me to the idea of mindfulness, and that was the catalyst into my journey into introspection. 

I recognize that not everyone’s journey will be like mine and for the record my path to optimal health is imperfect and it continues to evolve. What I do know is that I faced the same challenges a lot of people do when trying to juggle work, family and self-care. What did work was making small and thoughtful health changes where and when I was ready. Health is not linear, it takes time and growth to be able to move onto the next level. 

I realized I wanted to meet people on their health journeys and create an environment that makes it easier for them to move forward on their path to optimal health, without them having to put in years and years of trial and error.

And that’s what led me to launch Ripple, an approach to corporate wellness with a light but focused touch.

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