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At Ripple, the goal is to help employers lower healthcare costs, increase productivity, improve retention and create a healthy company culture through customized wellness programs.

Unlike most corporate wellness offerings, Ripple will study how your employees work and then design a cohesive wellness program with intervention strategies appropriate for your employees. Ripple will work with key decision makers to incorporate environmental changes necessary to support a culture of health. The ability to address the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual health needs of your employees is the Ripple difference.  


Ripple will bring real-life experts in the fields of health, fitness and psychology, allowing for the creation of wellness programs that promote health and organizational change. 



"Unlike most corporate wellness offerings, Ripple will study how your employees work and then design a cohesive wellness program..."

  • Small and middle-market companies

  • Employee health & benefits brokers

  • Budgets of any size

  • Variable program timeline options


  • Nutrition

  • Personal Training

  • Physical Therapy / Mobility

  • Mindfulness 

  • Life Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Sleep Coaching

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Cooking Classes



  • Address the business case for well-being

  • Align leadership

  • Empower people to re-imagine

  • Motivate

  • Educate

  • Provide behavior change tools

  • Create a culture of health

  • Assess and adjust


  • Measurable health results

  • Positive impacts to bottom line

  • Happier employees

  • Improved employee retention and recruitment

  • Lower absenteeism





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"Health is not linear, small and thoughtful changes, when and where it is time to make those changes, is the key to moving along the path that is wellness.   - Hannah Burns, Founder

I grew up in New England and I have been living in the Boston area since 2006. Prior to launching Ripple, I spent 15 years in commercial finance and financial consulting roles, where I learned to connect and communicate well with clients, including C-suite executives, while dealing with extreme financial and timing pressures. My experiences have taught me to take direction well from the clients and translate that into tactical business deliverables. I’ve learned to deal not only with adversity, but also how to be comfortable making decisions with imperfect information. I received my undergraduate degree from Bryant University in 2006 and in 2012, I earned my MBA from Boston University.

I have been an athlete my entire life and grew up thinking health only revolved around sports. I participated in soccer, basketball and track in high school. In college, I was the captain of the varsity soccer team at Bryant University and named Defensive Player of the Year for the Northeast-10 Conference in 2005/2006 season. I have participated in countless road races, spin classes and ski trips.


My ‘all-exercise all the time’ brain was awakened in 2009, when I read a book focused primarily on the paleo diet, I learned that beyond exercise, I need healthy food integrated into my day-to-day lifestyle in order to thrive. This small adaptation was a pivotal turning point in my personal well-being journey. And yet, even with that adjustment, I was still experiencing stress and burnout from work. 

I wish I could say this next decision I made was deliberate, but not long after I pivoted my diet, I signed up for a hot yoga class, without any idea the impact it would have on my well-being. The practice of  yoga and meditation exposed me to the idea of mindfulness, and that was the catalyst into my journey into introspection. 

While I have been able to understand more about my personal path to optimal health, I also recognize that it is imperfect, something that will continue to evolve as I do, always open for adjustment and refocusing. Not everyone will have the same journey as I have had, the same awakenings and recognitions, but I do know that I faced the same challenges a lot of other people do when trying to juggle the work/life balance on a daily basis. Health is not linear, small and thoughtful changes, when and where it is time to make those changes, is the key to moving along the path that is wellness.

Creating an environment that makes the goal of optimal health more attainable for everyone, without the years of trial and error and the frustration of multiple failures has become my passion. Launching Ripple has brought me closer to my dream of inspiring people to reach for their best. Ripple brings an approach to health that is light, but focused, allowing anyone to reach their optimal health goal.​



"Ripple believes in embracing the uniqueness of each company."

-Hannah Burns, Founder

A person’s overall health is influenced by all their experiences both at work and at home and you cannot measure a person’s ‘work health’ or ‘home health’ as separate entities. Keeping in mind that the majority of ones waking hours are spent at work, either in an office setting or now virtually, it seems only right that the workplace creates an environment that allows them to thrive from a mental, physical and spiritual standpoint. In order for your employees to make healthier choices, it is critical that their work environment supports those choices.

Corporate wellness programs have been around for years and although they are well-intentioned, they rarely have a lasting impact on health for the employees. These programs focus on one-time events, lectures and other short time frame activities, which do not take into account the unique challenges each employee population faces. This cannot be a one-size fits all approach.

Ripple believes in embracing the uniqueness of each company. Getting to know the company, who the employees are, how they work and what health risk behaviors are present is just the beginning of the Ripple process. By partnering with leading nutritionists, trainers, psychologists and other health experts, Ripple is nimble enough to design a comprehensive, company specific wellness program to address the needs of the employee population. Going beyond just education, Ripple programs are focused on meeting the employees where they are in their health journey and providing them the skills and support to continue to improve their health and their work environment within the company, to create a culture of health that will last into the foreseeable future and beyond.


A curated wellness program demonstrates a dedication to do what is best for the employees, especially now, where there is so much disruption and turmoil in the workplace and in the home. Ripple will help design an environment that makes it easier for employees to succeed, while also outlining the return on investment that is necessary for a corporate wellness program.

Ripple is here to empower employees to make small changes that permeate across their entire health equation.


Hannah Burns




The COVID-19 pandemic forced health onto the agenda of every organization and every household around the world. Keeping it there can deliver significant benefits. Long-term prevention and health promotion, which encompasses more than 70 percent of the benefits we identified, cannot simply be left to healthcare providers or healthcare systems. It is quite literally everybody’s business. Advancing healthy communities and healthy and inclusive workplaces will be critical.

McKinsey Global Institute - Prioritizing Health




Kinetic Fuel
Nutritionist & Registered Pharmacist
Onsite Physical Therapy
PT Progression
Mobility & Physical Therapy
Working Parent Benefit Providers, Registered Nurses
Dr. Elizabeth Ward
Peak Performance Coach & Consultant
Logic Mind & Health
Stress Reduction Mentor
Dr. Kathy Cohen
Life & Executive Coach
Suzi Nance
Hypnotherapist, Smoking Cessation


Ripple  |  Boston, MA

(203) 260-6019

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